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Ever run out of ideas to split test in your ads?  Or have a hard time remembering some of the best techniques?  The infographic below is designed as a “cheat sheet” to help you design & discover more profitable ads.

This infographic was a combined effort of many internet marketing experts (see the list @ the end) who provided concepts & feedback that we incorporated.  Hope you find it useful!

Ad Split Testing Ideas & More - Infographic

Thanks To:

Thank you to the following contributors who provided concepts & feedback which were incorporated into this infographic. The websites listed below are all valuable resources for online advertisers, so you should probably check them out:

Internet Marketing Products & Services

Ben Louie – –’s self-serve ad platform.
David Ford – – Premium affiliate marketing forum.
Ryan Bukevicz - – Tracking software for online campaigns.
Bryan Eisenberg – – Online marketing authority, author, & speaker.
Brad Geddes – – Adwords, PPC & internet marketing training.
Virgil Cioaca – – Turn losing ads into winners with automated image optimization.
Matthew Gibson – – Online marketing services.
Tom Fang – – Internet marketing services, software, & training.
Will Haimerl – – Training in media buying.
Ilya Lichtenstein – – See any advertiser’s ads and traffic sources.
Gauher Chaudhry – – PPC training for affiliate marketers.
Hillary Read – – PPC management services.
Aaron Wall – – SEO & PPC training.
Liam Martinez – – Outsourcing for full-time work.
James Schramko – – Internet marketing training.
Chris – – Improve Adwords performance.
Max Teitelbaum – – Competitive intelligence service for online media buying.
Laura Taylor & Larry Kim – – Improve results from PPC advertising.

Internet Marketing Blogs Worth Reading

Alex Cohen –
Ben Louie –
Dan Palanchuk –
Moe Muise –
Lorne Fade –
Mike Chiasson –
Lorenzo Green –
Zac Johnson –
Jon Clark –
Shawn Livengood –
Ricky Ahuja –
Robert Brady –
Tyler Cruz –
Glen Allsop –
ZK –
Bil Smith –

A big thanks also to Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz who unknowingly played an important role in helping us make this infographic go viral.

See The Results Of These Techniques

To see the results that other advertisers have achieved using some of the techniques from this infographic, check out our case studies – you’ll see ads that were actually run and how they performed.

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Samrath Gupta April 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm

Totally AWESOME and something cool to read!

Just LOVED it ;)

Keep’em coming!



Shaqir Hussyin :) April 18, 2012 at 9:47 am

PRICELESS! Bookmarked this!




Donald Bruce May 25, 2012 at 10:16 am

What an excellent help! This blew the ceiling off the limits of my own creativity. So much more to try now!!!
Thank you.


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