Tools For Internet Marketers:

Image Ad Resizer Tool
Shrink the file sizes of ads (in bulk) to
meet your ad network’s limits. Use it.
Keyword Manager Tool
Combine keyword lists, remove duplicates,
add match types, & much more. Use it.
Brightness/Contrast/Border Tool
Adjust the brightness, contrast, &
borders of your ads (in bulk). Use it.
More Free Resources
More resources to help you run
more profitable ad campaigns. Go!

We’re planning more free tools for advertisers soon, so if there’s anything you’d like to see please let us know.

Latest Case Study:

Which CPV Landing Page Got The Highest CTR?

Gauher Chaudhry of ran these three CPV ads on as part of a campaign promoting a Sweepstakes offer in the US.

The landing page screenshots below are displayed at 60% of their actual size. Which one do you think got the highest CTR? The winning landing page below beat the loser by 450%. Vote below to find out which one won!

CPV Sweepstakes Landing Page 1

CPV Sweepstakes Landing Page 2

CPV Sweepstakes Landing Page 3

Vote For Which Landing Page You Think Won:

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